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Company’s Competitive Advantage

Product diversification, segmentation marketization and sample quantity, the implementation of ISO quality policy: customer satisfaction, to ensure quality and improve efficiency

Company’s Target Market

The primary market for Europe, the United States, Australia three modified car market, and gradually promote the free brand parts PTT to the world

Main Product Provided

The main products of the PHOTO-TOP are fuses, circuit breakers and other related automotive electronic parts, and the product diversification, segmentation of market-oriented and sample of small number of targets, to provide customers with one-stop service, reduce procurement search costs, but also to provide customers with OEM and ODM business services to meet the needs of customers. It is gradually developing new business models like the audio-visual platforms such as Amazon and related stores platform

Brand Concept

PHOTO-TOP ( brand name: parts PTT) is a new famous brand for the Power System & Accessories in the Automotive field.
It has a powerful engineering team and production line to provide innovative, cost-effective, and good-quality products in this field for more than 15 years. Also, It will follow the ISO policy to meet them.

1.Customer Response

2. Superior Quality

3.Efficiency Improvement.





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